Drew, collapsing next to Junip on the couch: “Juniper! I’m pooped!” J, looking skeptical but still a little alarmed: “In your pants?”

J: “Mom, come cook with me! I got some salmon.” Me: “Oh, cool. How are you going to season it?” (I don’t know why I ask these things.) J, pausing to process: “I going to season it June. I going to season it summer.”

(Upon discovering a party hat in the closet): “Come to my party, mom!” Me: “What kind of party is it?” J: “It’s a gad-u-lotion party.”

As we drive by a Wonder Bread truck: “Mom! A tows truck!” Me: “You mean a tow truck?” J: “No! A toast truck!”


Drew and Junip have been enjoying cocktail hour together (kiddie for her, real for him), which means at least five times a day I hear: “Mom! I want a kitty cottontail!”

Thanks to Babar and Madeline, she’s in the habit of using some hilariously formal phrases. Such as: “How will I ever do it?,” “Where shall we go today?,” “It’s far, far away,” and “Mom, I’m a terrible, terrible ghost!”

I am so excited, she’s finally at the age where she’s naming her dolls and animals. Her horse is Burt, her koala is Bao Bao, her wooden dog is Bao Bao Dog, and her dolls are Potch, Bíchu, Apple, and Hippo, because, “she’s a hungry, hungry hippo!”

juniperisms - 2 (1)

juniperisms - 1 (1)

That would be Potch, Apple, and Bíchu, respectively. And Hippo sleeping on the carefully arranged bed.