My sweet little girl, today you are three. Exuberant and theatrical, opinionated and sweet, cuddly and climby, stubborn and distractable, so, so loud, and three. I can’t believe it, that we’re here already. You’ve had such a playful personality since day one, it’s been amazing to watch it find form and grow as you learn to talk, make jokes, run and tumble and tie people up. I’m so grateful to be along for the ride. Even when it means I’m wrapped up in pull-toys and pilfered laundry.

We will celebrate with a big zoo of a party this weekend, but we made today special with a few presents (I made you a tent and bought you a lion umbrella) and a trip to the beach. The weather and water were perfect.

3_years - 1

3_years - 2

3_years - 3

3_years - 4

3_years - 7 copy

3_years - 5

3_years - 8

I’m so proud of you.