I love the timing our juneberry harvest – the tree seems to give its fruit specifically as a birthday present for my own little Juneberry. It has been crazy plentiful this year, and Junip has been loving sneaking outside, finding a pointy piece of mulch, and making herself little berry kabobs. And as long as Quinn has a few to munch on herself, she’s perfectly happy to sit in the shade while I fill quart after quart of them. So far, I’m up to one and a half gallons. It’s such a little dinker of a tree, I can’t believe how productive it is!

juneberries - 5

juneberries - 3

juneberries - 4

juneberries - 8

juneberries - 1

juneberries - 2

juneberries - 7

juneberries - 6

That, plus the cherry trees, plus the peach truck’s recent appearance in our fair city, means we have fruit coming out of our ears. Gotta love the summer bounty.