The days have been flying by so quickly, I’m almost feeling a little panicky about summer slipping through my grasp. We haven’t even scheduled a camping trip yet! We’ve only been to the beach once! It just cannot be July yet. What have I been doing all June?

Well, for one, it is nothing compared to last year’s present-project, but I made June a pretty rad play tent for her birthday. I’m always a little embarrassed about how long these things end up taking me, but suffice it to say, it is awesome. The tipi lights really make it magical.

life_lately_june - 13 copy

life_lately_june - 14 copy

life_lately_june - 11

Another note-worthy birthday treat – Momo got Junip a little gardening set up, and we have checked on those seeds at least 5 times a day since she planted them. Oh, and we also had a giant storm that washed out most of the soil and almost certainly all the seeds, so yeah, I need to replant those asap! Not intending this to be that kind of lesson in how nature works.

life_lately_june - 18

life_lately_june - 17 copy

Some good friends of mine retired from the high school this year. I have weird feelings thinking about what is left of my former department, but I’m also so happy for Chris and Larry, that they are able to wash their hands of it. We focused on the good at their retirement party – a big bash down at the lake, with awesome food, great music, and, oh yeah, squirt guns.

life_lately_june - 10

life_lately_june - 9

life_lately_june - 5 (1)

life_lately_june - 7

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And what has really been keeping me hopping lately: Drew asked me to freelance for the bakery, doing photography and 15 second videos for facebook and instagram, which has been really fun. And it also means that suddenly our social media accounts have tons of pictures of my family, ha.

life_lately_june - 2

life_lately_june - 1

But seriously, just look at that stud.

life_lately_june - 2copy

And this one! We are in it now. Chuckin’ shoes off the shoe rack, tipping drinks on tables, pulling all the toilet paper off the roll… it is a fun kind of mischief, especially in such a mellow little girl, but it is keeping me on my toes!

life_lately_june - 2 (3)

life_lately_june - 1 (1)

Summer, you are the best.