I’ve been meaning to share these photos – we went down to Chicago for the Fourth, to intersect with some of the cousins while they were at Gigi and Papa’s. Quinn and Hattie did some bonding, and Junip had a blast playing with the big girls. Hutch and Drew took them up onto the roof of the HOH building to watch the fireworks (June’s first time seeing them!) and we caught the parade Monday morning.

fourth_of_july - 2

fourth_of_july - 8

fourth_of_july - 1

fourth_of_july - 5 copy

fourth_of_july - 4

fourth_of_july - 3

fourth_of_july - 7

Also, Reid, Caroline, Drew and I took all the kiddos to Frontier Days (a big carnival they have every year on the Fourth). Junip was excited but stoic on the rides. She did NOT want Drew helping her hold on at all! Awesome and terrifying.

fourth_of_july - 9

fourth_of_july - 10

fourth_of_july - 12

fourth_of_july - 15

fourth_of_july - 13 copy

fourth_of_july - 11

So fun seeing June get her first taste of these holidays. Staying up late, indulging in funnel cakes and candy, hanging with her big girl cousins. Hope you all had a great fourth, too!