This week Kate and I took the girls up to her sister’s vacation house in Elkhart Lake for what turned out to be a perfect little getaway. We had lazy mornings with doughnuts and Magic Schoolbus, afternoons on the prettiest little beach (it stayed knee deep just about as far as we could go, so the water was warm and gentle and I didn’t have to worry about June running wild in it), and we even managed to catch my parents for dinner at the Tiki bar (Elkhart is just a short drive from my hometown).

It’s amazing how being in a new space can transform a slow day from suffocating to indulgent, how spending an hour on the beach can exhaust you and make you feel like you really did something with your afternoon. So glad we made the trip.

elkhart_lake - 1

elkhart_lake - 3

elkhart_lake - 4

elkhart_lake - 2

elkhart_lake - 6

elkhart_lake - 5

^I love those chunky little rolls, but I was still finding sand in them like three baths later!

elkhart_lake - 9

^ Most amazing toy ever?

elkhart_lake - 7

elkhart_lake - 8

And to wrap things up, Junip shot this one. Mai Tai’s and Kitty Cottontails. Somehow it really seemed to capture the moment.