first_day - 1

My big girl made her pre-K debut this afternoon! Goodness, I’m so proud of this kid. She is going to rock it.

She’s in a really awesome program at the local school for three year olds with special needs, where they match those kiddos with peer models. I think she’s a perfect fit; my hand holding, hug giving, play-leading buddy. By the end of the meet-and-greet they held Monday night on the playground, Junip had three other girls totally executing her vision. J, jumping for emphasis: “We’re CAMPING! And it’s WINTER!” All the other girls, also jumping: “Yeah, it’s WINTER!!!” She leads via enthusiasm.

It’ll be four days a week, three hours a day. Quinn and I will get some more one-on-one time, and Junip will get the socializing she thrives on. I’m feeling really grateful to this fair city of mine for offering this opportunity. And also, totally flabbergasted, faced with the reality that my little baby is a schoolgirl! What the what?!

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