Goodness, life lately. Sometimes I find myself remembering how excruciatingly slowly time seemed to pass when I was in middle school, a depressed tween, and I swear, it must be more than perception: time actually must be moving faster now. There’s never enough.

Juniper took that photo of me; she kind of has a knack for getting the vibe of things. Maybe because the subject always assumes the photo will be so blurry/abstractly framed they needn’t pose (let’s be honest, most are). That is me chilling/collapsing for the two minutes it takes to nurse Quinn (she doesn’t nurse much these days). Enjoying the eye of the storm.


Anyways. Let’s go back. Way back, to the last real blog post I did mid-August. Well, my amazing husband threw me a surprise birthday party! The big three-oh. It was everything my heart desired: as many friends and family as could cram into our little dining room to hide (actually, more than could cram in), a taco bar, three kinds of cake 🙂 It really kind of blew my mind he was able to keep the lid on it! As has become my habit these days (for better or worse) I left the camera inside and enjoyed the night, so thank you, Mandy, for the photo! I look like I’m the only one there, but it’s because everyone is facing me singing happy birthday 😉





Drew turned 33 a week later, so we invited some other families up to Minocqua for the long weekend and had one last hurrah swimming, tubing, and lazing before fall comes. Junip was introduced to Sega Genesis (like, Mario Cart and the like, those cartridges from the 90s) and was actually amazing at it! Ha. Terrifying.


Junip’s school time leaves Quinn and I a two hour window each day where get some one-on-one. It’s funny; I would have said Q and J are having pretty similar growing up experiences, but then we have these afternoons at the park where I’m just focused on her, not hauling her around or watching her out of the corner of my eye or being otherwise distracted, and I remember that that’s what it was like all the time with June. I’m not saying Q is getting the shaft or anything; I think I can say with some authority that it’s pretty rad having a big sister. I’m just grateful that this way she gets a touch of each.

And, what have I mostly been up to? Fitting a lot of work into my two-hour work slots each afternoon. I photographed a couple weddings (aren’t they cuties?), I’ve been shooting/designing a lot of promotional materials for the bakery (big wedding show next week), I’m planning another bookbinding workshop (sort of a fun, quick and pretty technique). Also, I pretty much finished the playroom. It’s not quite camera ready yet, but it’s close. And also, I rebuilt both sets of porch stairs and the back deck.





But let’s be honest; that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for the cute baby photos. Me too, really.



I should end this by clarifying that life is amazing right now. I’m busy and I tend to carry a simmering guilt when there are things (or blogs) I’m not tending to, but my life right now is the best it’s ever been. Thirty is my decade, people, I’m tellin’ ya. I can feel it.