One morning we woke up, and it was fall! It’s remarkable only because we went from weeks of daily highs in the 80s to sweater weather, overnight. I’ve got to say, it’s really wonderful. It killed off just enough of the mosquito population that we’re actually able to enjoy the backyard again, so we’ve been spending a lot of lazy mornings playing pirates and racing scooters. Quinn has figured out how to unlock the chicken coop and evidently desires to live with them in their posh little house. They accept her presence, as she is generally the bearer of baby chicken snacks. It’s me who keeps trying to shoo her out of there, before she can give herself a cedar-shaving shower (read: a chicken shit shower). And Junip is thoroughly in the nature hoarding stage. She follows me around, stuffing my back pockets with leaves that I forget about until I end up leaving a trail of crunchy dead foliage through the house later on. All of which is to say, our backyard kind of a perfect playground for them right now.


That would be Juniper with her map, which she painted on a sticky note and stuck to her belly, then walked around the house “letting her map lead,” and riding her valiant steed through the halls. She is so funny at this age, not quite as quotable funny, but really beginning to get the gist of things and make actual jokes! She has been reciting lines from books and movies at the perfect time, totally in context (like the other night when she knew she was being obstinate for no reason, and maintaining a perfectly straight face, broke out the perfect grumpy quote from Frog and Toad: “I’m going to back to bed. Come back and wake me up at half past May.”)


My little Quince is starting to get vocal beyond her heart stopping little pterodactyl screams. She has said, in a clear voice and in perfect context, but with no consistency and little repetition, ‘cheese’, ‘bread’, ‘read this’, ‘I like this’, ‘please’, and ‘that’. I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s talking yet, but it’s clear that her little brain is working on it. She’s totally book obsessed, which should help. Seriously, if I try to read to June she hightails it to her bin of baby books, cries and screams and thrusts her book on top of Junip’s book until we end up reading one of hers alternating each page of chapter book. It’s great when it’s just Quinn and me, but it’s kind of taking all the joy out of reading to big sis. Below is Drew trying to convince J that the only way they’ll be able to finish her book is to take an intermission for “1,2, at the Zoo!”


And, gotta soak up the parks while we still can.











Still stops me in my tracks, seeing the two of them really play together and love on each other. June has started calling Q “Quinner binner.” I kind of died the first time.