It had been an intense week. Two weeks. Three?

Quinn is at that age where her cognition is developing like crazy, but language hasn’t yet, and the frustration is making her crazy. Like, she’s holding my fingers for support walking, she tries to walk us into the street, I steer her around back to the sidewalk, and she collapses (screaming), crawls in a circle on the sidewalk, lays on her belly with her head between my feet, and sobs while kicking the ground/pounding it with her fist. It happens once and you laugh, looking around for another adult to appreciate the melodrama (there is no other adult). It happens twenty times in a day and you start wishing you could sob on the ground with her.

Juniper, not to be outdone, has been just a hot mess of exaggerated obstinance, whiney voices, real anxiety and freak-out moments, and fussing-just-to-fuss negativity. And I know a lot of it is in response to Quinn (I am constantly letting go of Junip’s hand to catch Quinn when she starts convulsing and tantruming in my arms, or needing to stop reading Junip’s book to address the screaming, furious baby sister throwing board books at us, etc) And some of it is just being three. But I am losing my ability to handle it.

So we’d gotten into this awful spiral of negative behavior, consequence, bad feelings, negative behavior, consequence… you get the idea. And then, wonderfully, on Monday Drew came home telling me he’d have off the next two days (Drew hasn’t had a two day weekend in a very, very long time). So we decided to throw some clothes in a suitcase and get out of town. We made it an overnight trip to Sheboygan.

I’ll have to report back tomorrow as to whether or not the break in routine was enough to reboot the children, but either way, it was a really, really nice two days. Being mid-week, we didn’t see much of my parents, but that left us kind of wandering the city like tourists, which is actually a fun way to approach your hometown. We had a lunch of wood fired pizza, visited the Children’s Museum, napped at the house and enjoyed cocktail hour on the prairie. This morning we slept in (hallelujah), had a big breakfast out, and played on the dunes at Terry Andrae.

I kind of feel like a new person. At least, hopefully, a new mother.







My little tomato hound. The girl is seriously unstoppable.







You’ll have to excuse the image quality on this last batch; my camera battery died, so they’re just from my phone. A shame, too, because the light on the beach was spectacular.








And the happy news of the week: we have a new little babe in the family! Lindsay and Andy brought their tiny little River home today. We can’t wait to meet him 🙂