Well, it turns out that a break in routine really can work miracles on your children. We appear to be over the hump. And now that I’m feeling a little more optimistic about this whole motherhood thing, I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments with Junip this last week, lest you think she’s a little beast all the time.

Even in the low points, she’s pretty amazing. Like when she’s freaking out and I ask, “Do you need a break, or do you want to read?” and she says, “I need a break,” and walks herself over the chair in the other room to calm down. Or at least there’s humor, like when she started crying in the stroller (because she farted and it smelled bad) or crying at the table (because she shoved too many cheddar bunnies into her mouth and couldn’t chew them). She’s pretty hilarious.

And also, so earnestly social/empathetic/inclusive. Like when we were chatting with our older neighbor from down the block, who always seems pretty depressed, and she asked him if he wanted to walk with us, and then held his hand. Or when I asked her which buddies she liked to play with most at school, and she listed the wildest, most emotional three little boys (“They’re my buddies”). Or when a big kid at the park took a ball from Quinn, and Junip chased her down yelling, “Hey! My sister was playing with that! That’s not nice!” until the older girl handed it over and June ran it back to Quinn. Or when a playmate started crying because he wanted to take Junip’s toy and had been told to wait his turn, and Junip looked at his sad face, handed over the toy, and then started crying herself because she had really wanted it. Or when Quinn was pulling Junip’s hair in the stroller, and instead of getting mad, Junip started tickling her to distract her. There are so many examples. I’m so proud of her love for others and how kindly she plays.


Love you, Junebug.