Happy Halloween, all! We had, far and away, our most successful Halloween yet. There were adorable costumes all day long (although that ended up requiring more persuasion than I anticipated, but c’mon, how could we NOT wear them all day long?) There was much, so much, candy consumed (at one point Quinn started crying and I realized it was, on this night, socially acceptable to plug her with a lollipop, and it was great.) We had a sweet little gang of our neighborhood buddies to go trick or treating with. And we even actually had a good turn out of other kiddos ringing our bell (like, we ran out of candy, and Junip was all heartbroken – “But what will we give the other children?” – but I gave Drew a look and said, “That’s ok, we have back-up” and he got it and Junip did not and the bucket was discreetly refilled with all the non-chocolate treats from Junip’s pumpkin and all was well.)

Anyways. You would probably like to see how scary the dinosaur-robot and lion were, right? They terrorized the park first…







And then, because I know the right people (aka, people with surprisingly well stocked closets), Drew and I joined the little beasts as fork and spoon.



Early dinner, bath, scary movie (or, scary to a 3 year old,) early bed time, and then all the pilfered candy we could eat. A night well done, I say.