Winter is officially here! As I type this, both kids are miraculously napping, and fat snowflakes have piled up to a good six inches so far. We had thought J was pretty much done with naps, but as we’ve been fighting colds the last few weeks, she’s started just tucking herself in on the couch and conking out. I was making her a grilled cheese just now and looked over to discover she was asleep! Amazing.



Anyways, we’ve been busy little elves around here. My dad shot our Christmas photo Thanksgiving weekend – I was hoping for lots of cheesy, playful photos but the kids mostly wanted to do this (or cry):



It took some mad Photoshopping to get a happy card. Luckily, I’m willing to dedicate horrifying amounts of time to pasting together images in the name of a joyful, kitschy card. When I finished I asked Drew what he thought and he smiled and told me, “We look like a Hanes ad.” I hate it so much when he’s right.

Anyways. Then on Sunday we went to go cut our tree – this was the first year it was chilly but really beautiful for it. No devastatingly frozen fingers or the like.






Santa was there! Quinn was terrified – like, too much for it to even be a funny photo. Junip was quite taken, though. Later she told me we should get Santa a present, too. I asked her what and she said, “A reindeer, because he needs lots of reindeer to fly.”




In general, Quinn is not so sure about this whole winter thing. She finds the boots totally unacceptable, the snow okay to look at but not to touch, and the houseful of ornaments strategically designed to torment her (she just points and cries, “Ball! Ball!” But, you know, they’re glass. Sorry, Quinn.) At least Junip is thrilled about it all. Her sidewalk snow angel was a little pathetic (we only had an inch or so at that point) but it looks like it’ll be good packing snow, so we should be able to make a snowman this afternoon, and maybe fit in a little sledding.


Or if it’s too cold, we can always just have a snack in a stroller and enjoy the lights, right?