We had a pretty major milestone here this weekend: my first time away from Quinn for more than a few hours. Drew and I flew to Bend, Oregon for the wedding of his childhood best friend (there was much talk of their former habit of terrorizing the neighborhood in batman undies and tricycles). Their moms are still close friends, so Beth and Hutch were there, too – we shared a condo and had a great time skiing, hiking, hot-tubbing, and beer tasting. The wedding was gorgeous, and admittedly easier to enjoy sans babies, but I did have some twinges of guilt thinking of how much fun Junip would have had on the dance floor.

Bend was buried under five feet of snow, which seemed to be a huge pain for all the locals, but it was pretty awesome for us as tourists. I wasn’t brave enough to bring my camera on the cross country ski trails (a wise decision it turns out, as I spent a decent amount of time trying to extricate myself from the various snow banks I kept crashing into) but I did get a few shots of the hiking trail we did on Saturday.











It really was a fun trip. Unfortunately it ended with our return flight being canceled, which we didn’t learn about until our 4:30am shuttle dropped us at the airport (26 hours later we landed in Chicago looking truly pathetic, medicating with copious amounts of coffee to get us through the final drive home). Walking back into my own house to the joyful screams of Quinn was the best feeling ever. Junip didn’t even bat an eye (“Oh, hi Mom. Let me show you something!” and she goes running into the kitchen without so much as a hug or a kiss, to find the toy she wanted me to see.) Grateful to my sister and parents for the time away, grateful to Beth and Hutch for planning so much of our trip and being such good company, but also relieved to be back.