I never considered myself much of a ‘resolutions’ kind of person, but lately they’ve been coming to me faster than I can write them down: bike more, make things for people more, take a car repair class, call my friends more often, get the girls to more play groups, update the blog more, be more aware, be more grateful… all these earnest little hopes. It sounds sort of flabbergasting when you line them all up (or like I’m compensating for not controlling the rest of the world?), but it seems really possible to me right now. It’s been a good January.

The girls are at this beautiful age, with the most astounding things coming out of their mouths every day. They have jokes with each other, dance together and tickle each other, comfort each other. I’m pretty good at reading Quinn, but often June is better, overhearing a certain exasperated cry of Quinn’s and my exasperated reply “I don’t know what that means!”, and she comes strutting by casually saying, “She wants the squeaky shoes, mom.” How is this three year old smarter than me? All I can say is: sisters.




Anytime Dad is cooking, they are pushing their stools over to the short end of the counter to assist steal. If Drew is making pasta, Quinn is eating raw flour by the handful. If a sauce is in progress, Junip is sneaking slices of butter. If cheese is being shredded, our technique is to shred quickly and then hide it, or there won’t be any left for the dish.



Now that Juniper’s fully grown into the imaginative play stage I keep stumbling upon her in these amazing get-ups, having elaborate conversations with characters I can’t see, doing battle with terrible knights or humongous whales. Friggin’ awesome.





Quinn is developing a real love for technology, which predictably is making it difficult to get a decent candid shot these days. Juniper is pretty much over the camera, or pacified after taking a few shots of her own, or lured into performing for it, but Quinn… not so much.



We had kind of gotten into a routine rut, where play dates weren’t really happening. There’s something about isolation that tends to send me spiraling towards further isolation. In any case, I’ve been really intentional about scheduling time with buddies (J’s and mine) the last week or two – that’s one resolution I’m feeling on top of. Can you believe how big these kids are?



Water: the best thing ever, right? She can splash in a plugged sink for a solid half hour. I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic about how this was Juniper, like, two heartbeats ago.

And now this is Juniper: I come downstairs from putting Quinn to bed, and she’s lined up every cushion in the the house, topped each one with a pillow, a baby, and a blanket, is casually defending her nursery from volcanoes. Yes, you read that right. She assured me the blankets were not to keep them warm, but rather to protect them from the lava.




^Even Dump Truck got tucked in. And, not pictured, Stick. This kid   🙂


And lastly, unrelated to anything, how incredible is Quinn’s Down Dog? She’s like a little spring, it’s ridiculous.