Reading me a letter she wrote to a classmate: “Dear Emmett, I love you, Emmett. I love you too, Juniper. We will give this to your mom, but it’s actually for you, Emmett. Love, Juniper”

At dinner: “I like queso fresco, but not as much as triple cream brie.”

Helping me bag up some snap peas at the store: “They’re my happy snappies.”

(Burps) “Rooooar!” Me: “Don’t you mean ‘excuse me’?” Junip: “Well, that’s how my kind of dinosaur says ‘excuse me’.” Me: “And what kind of dinosaur are you?” Junip: “A micropachysephalosaurus.”

Putting her underwear on backwards: “This way they cover my TUMMY!”

… And proceeded to wear them like that, and only them, all morning. Kids.