Quinn and I have this awesome game where she stands in the perfect beam of late afternoon spring sunlight, I get out the camera, she runs at me as quickly as she can, and I snap photos as quickly as my lens can focus, hoping to get at least one usable shot before she tackles me and attempts to steal the camera.

My best chance of winning is if she wipes out, so yes, I root for that.

She nearly always wins anyways. And if not, she jumps straight into her next favorite game, which is: roll up every flat-weave rug in the house.

Little stinker dinker knows how to drive her mama crazy.

Anyways, just wanted to take a minute to brag on this child (and was hoping to have a sweet photo to accompany said braggery). This little one is blowing my mind lately with her linguistics. Sentences like, “I want put that on,” and “I stand on that,” and ridiculous nouns like shadow, paint, strawberry, frog, backpack, and squeakers (yes, squeakers, and God help you if you pretend she said sneakers and grab the non-noise-making shoes instead) are popping out of her left and right. I feel like she’ll be chatting politics with me before she’s potty trained.

She amazes me every day.