This winter was not a hard one for me – it was a good season and a good season of life – but it doesn’t make the first weeks of spring any less magical. We have been playing in the backyard, not even bothering to shut the screen door behind us. Digging in the sand and dirt and dragging the bikes up from the basement and bringing back the after-dinner walk. We’ve had bare arms freshly adorned with tattoos, naked toes fancied up in green polish, we are busting out the sunhats and sunglasses. I am beginning to think (audaciously) that maybe, just maybe, if I were to buy a lounge chair for the patio, maybe this summer they’d let me lay on it? I mean, they have chickens to follow and motorcycles to ride and large logs to drag around. What do they need me for?

These are a few shots from last night, some backyard shenanigans and the year’s first trip to the ice cream shop, dangerously located just down the bike path from our house.

That is a boat, by the way, in case you were wondering. You can tell because there’s a jump rope tied to the chairs (which Quinn had a helluva time limbo-ing under). As you will also notice, Stick weathered the winter just fine and enjoyed his inaugural cruise of the season.

And ice cream at sunset. Doesn’t get much better than that.