We had the cutest little Easter celebration this year. The weather was the nicest we’ve ever had with the kiddos, and Quinn was able to participate – I would even go so far as to say compete – in the egg hunt.

Quinn was really only interested in the eggs with little stampers hidden inside. This child loves to be decorated 🙂

It took them a satisfyingly long time to find all the eggs, even though I hid them in the loosest sense of the word – more like set down in minimally obscured plain sight. They were so sweet about divvying up the loot, too, making sure everyone had one of each type of little toy. No melt downs. I would call the morning a resounding success.

We spent the rest of the afternoon bouncing, making sand pies, and using up every single new sticker. My family came over for dinner, Drew busted out the grill, and with some cream puffs and almond gateau basque to top it off, we were all pretty well spent by 7. A lovely little holiday.