We drove down to the most amazing little hidden spot near Devil’s Lake this week – Pewit’s nest. It was totally hidden between farms and houses; I was sure Google maps was leading us astray until we found the trailhead, and then a five minute walk later and we’re surrounded by forest and cliffs and waterfalls. It was unreal.

We found a shallow area in the stream that was perfect for wading. Everyone got a bit wetter than we’d planned on, but goodness was it worth it. Just the perfect afternoon.

^Totally devastated because she wasn’t allowed/able to climb the cliffs. Quinn joined with a sympathy pout. All was well when we got to the water, though.

She requested a bun to match mine that morning, and I basically died a little every time I looked at her all day.

Geniuses that we are, we let the kids soak their clothes before we thought to remove most of them, so we ended up just buying some new cheap outfits so we could grab a pizza and beers in Sauk Prairie before the 45 minute drive home. All in all, it was a pretty magical afternoon/evening. We’ll definitely be back this summer, better prepared.