We had a quick visit from my Aunt Diane yesterday/today – we don’t get to see her as often as we’d like, and almost never when the weather is nice, so it was great to have her in Madison for a sunny afternoon at the zoo, a walk to walnut burgers and ice cream, and some park time. A few shots from Orton park, this morning, before we dropped her back at the bus stop:

^It cannot be denied: the girl’s got swagger. That’s just how she walks, I swear.

And even a sock hand can’t keep this one down. Today she lost one of the nails I’d been hoping would reattach, but it didn’t seem to bother her. I suspect the third might follow suit. Just hoping the nail bed isn’t too damaged and they regrow – doctor sounded hopeful.

Juniper definitely tends to go through a post-company slump (she loves her family and would prefer we all just lived on one massive commune) so Drew promised her an afternoon hike around the arboretum once school lets out. Of course, my ears registered ‘photo op’ and perked right up. To think, these next three weeks are my last chance to capture my baby as a three year old! Time, right?