Man, June. This month has been crazy. Big steps for a lot of my loved ones celebrated in these past few weeks.

To begin with, my little Junebug has officially completed her first year of school! They had an ice cream social to celebrate, and performed a couple songs for the parents (“Tunafish” continues to be my favorite, for cuteness if not for scientific accuracy of lyrics). The only photos I managed to snag were these of Junip with her buddy (and beloved penpal) Emmett. I’m so glad they’ll be in the same class again next year!

And then the next morning we were off to Sheboygan, to celebrate my mom’s retirement. I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around the idea that she won’t be going back to school in the fall (I suspect she hasn’t either). It’s definitely a loss for the schools, but I’m really looking forward to having her in town more. Her friends threw her such a beautiful party at Bookworm Gardens, it was the perfect send off. We got into town a few hours early, enough time to pick some strawberries before throwing on our party clothes, and then stuffed ourselves silly on dinner and cake before wandering the gardens at the party.

And then the next day, we were hurrying home to set up for Chad and Mallory’s shower. Thank God I had my mother to help (and my father’s garage to ransack for props). It turns out I kind of underestimated what goes into throwing a party, ha. No surprises there. Everything came together really beautifully though.

I have Pinterest to thank/blame for the campfire cupcakes. Friggin’ adorable, no?

I did a bespoke ketubah for them, a papercut floating above a collage of old maps, illustrating Sleeping Bear Dunes where they’ll be married. Haven’t been offering these in the shop yet, but I might start.

Mini-graduations, retirements, weddings, oh my. It’s been a whirlwind but I certainly can’t complain about having so much to celebrate.