My heart is just bursting. My sweet little girl is four years old.

I may have set myself up for future failure by pushing the bar this high, but I have no regrets, because the day was absolutely magical for Juniper. Momo took her to see Totoro in theater, and while she was out and Quinn napped, I set up the party and a bounce house was delivered. She got back just in time for a first bounce with Quinn before her buddies started arriving, and we had an afternoon/evening of good food and good friends. She has been telling everyone (basically since Christmas) that her birthday party would have juneberry-cherry cake AND juneberry-cherry pie, so Drew spent I-don’t-even-know how long making individual galettes and shortcakes from the berries Junip and I picked from the yard earlier this week, and they were amazing. She was gifted tattoos, which caught on like wildfire, so everyone left looking very tough. She was gifted spray chalk paint, which also caught on like wildfire, so my patio looked amazing. A raincloud blew in at the very end, scattering some of the crowd and shooing the other half inside, so the party wound down with children chasing balloons through the house and adults standing around the kitchen, nibbling leftovers even though we were all stuffed. At bedtime, Juniper made it through one baby book and fell asleep, glowing in the light of her new fish tank from Momo, still smelling like cream and berries, feet stained with blue chalk, sweaty and rumpled and totally happy.

Happy birthday, Junebug! I love you so, so much.