This summer has been so good, and I know it’s only the beginning of July, but I feel like it’s slipping through my grasp already. We’ve been packing it in as much as possible. Yesterday Drew only worked a few hours in the morning, so we hit the park, drove out to Lake Mills for swimming with June’s buddy Emmett, and then caught the last two shows at Stoughton’s Catfish River music festival. I think I was more tired than the kids by the time we got home.

I’ve got to start by saying, Quinn has become a little climbing machine, and I’m finding her confidence kind of terrifying. I keep turning around to find her precariously balanced at heights I can’t reach.

After Quinn’s nap, we drove out to a cute little beach just outside town. The lake is spring fed, so they’re not having the aglae-bloom issues Madison’s lakes are. I can definitely imagine this becoming a regular haunt of ours.

And then at the music festival, we picnicked and let the kids run wild. They bee-lined it to the stage and boogied until we dragged them out of there. They are such sweetly earnest little dancers. Not a hint of self consciousness.

Sister love.