Well, there is no denying that summer is in full swing here. That goes for the humidity and mosquitoes, which have totally been harshing my mellow, I’m not gonna lie, but it has also meant naked, wild children letting themselves into the backyard and entertaining themselves, what?!, me with a cold sweet tea in hand and my feet in a kiddie pool for hours at a time, grill outs, home-made ice cream, splash pad visits, and exhausted little ones falling asleep at random times.

We’re all super excited for our summer vacation (a week on the lake in Empire, Michigan) but the sad news is that when we get back, Junip’s best buddy Karin will have moved out of state. We’ve been fitting in as many last minute playdates and dinners as possible, but it’s kinda breaking my heart. The only other buddy I’ve seen her play this intensely with (like, get out of here grownups, we’re busy) is her cousin Zeke, who also lives out of state. It will definitely be an adjustment.


This little big girl is sort of barreling through milestones faster than I can keep track. In the last month, we’ve tackled weaning, potty training, switched from highchair to booster and from crib to toddler bed, and I’m about to switch out her carseat to the big kid, forward facing one. There is just no baby left in her. It’s definitely bittersweet. Her favorite things these days are trains and garbage trucks, spiders/caterpillars/ladybugs, pushing her babies in the stroller, and painting (mostly herself).

I feel like I’ve frequently found myself reading these internet lists of how kids are like tiny drunk people, and it would always be noted how they’ll lay down and pass out in random places, which left me thinking “How do I get one of these magically sleepy children?” Well, it has finally happened. Those two shots are from back to back nights when Drew was out, and I left June playing downstairs while I put Quinn to bed. Both nights, I come back downstairs and she’s totally unconscious, enough for me to carry her up and lay her down without waking her. Beautiful.

Super Juniper.

A visit and a snuggle with my godparents.

And, why I don’t even try to keep knee high glass clean. Gotta love these kids.