Home again and settling back into our routines. Michigan was fantastic – we had beautiful weather, the condo we rented was about 200ft from Lake Michigan, and Chad and Mallory’s wedding was so beautiful and fun – but it always feels good to be home.

The trip started out with sort of a bang, though. Our car died in the queue to get on the ferry (I was already on board with the girls, and much to Drew’s frustration, none of the employees ever radioed to get us off the boat) so we sailed away while he ended up stuck in Milwaukee, dealing with getting our car fixed, renting a van, and driving around the lake through rush hour traffic and a car accident. Back on the boat, we hit huge swells of water as soon as we left the harbor, Quinn puked all over me, and I puked quietly into a chip bag basically all the way to Muskegon. It’s funny now…

Thank God for Jill. Drew’s sister lives 45 minutes from Muskegon, so despite the fact that we were arriving on her due date, she and Hattie were there to pick us up rescue us when we finally hit land. We had a wonderfully chill evening grilling out, running to the park, and eating popsicles in the tub. Drew missed all that, poor thing, finally getting to town around 9pm.

The next day we finished the drive up to Sleeping Bear Dunes, unpacked and hit the beach. We had all these lofty plans of things we’d do throughout the week (cherry picking, the dune climb, checking out other small lakes) but with Lake Michigan so clear and close and the weather so perfect for chilling on the beach, that’s pretty much all we wanted to do everyday. So that’s all we did.

We were sharing a house with Chad, Mallory, and Liam, so Junip had a built in playmate and Drew and I actually got to spend a lot of time with our friends, despite the craziness of wedding week.

The ceremony was in a sweet little park on Glen Lake, with the reception following in the town hall. I wish I’d been able to get a few shots of the ceremony, but Quinn was in no mood for it, and I had to discretely sneak off toward the playground to keep her from screaming through the vows. In any case, I was lucky to get one family shot in while we were all gussied up!

After dinner, my kids were the first ones on the dance floor. And after the first swell of dancers, when the floor cleared out a bit, this is pretty much all they wanted to do:


By the next morning, we were all wiped. We swung through Holland again, hoping to meet the newest VanSoelen, but alas, he was still in utero. (He’s here now, though! Welcome to the world, little Ellis!) And now, back, settled, enjoying our groove. It was a good little adventure.