Sometimes going through photos I feel this need to be brutal, to cull, to curate dismissively and decisively. And maybe it’s just because it’s almost midnight and I’m blurry with sleepiness, but I’m looking at these shots from our most recent trip up north and I can’t help thinking that the beauty is in the mass. Call it the nature of photographing toddlers, but I just don’t think you can get a sense of the energy and the joy and the chaos without at least 42 photos. Which is how many I’m about to subject you to.

Quinn finally embraced the cool water. She just kept announcing in this amazed and delighted voice, “I simming! I simming!”

Back on land, they ran as a wild little pack for three days straight.

There are certain seasons of life when posed shots just don’t fly. But we didn’t dwell. We had wine.

Reid and Caroline are celebrating five years of marriage, so we put aside some time to get a few nice shots.

And we had a little early celebration for Quinn’s second birthday. The little stinker rewarded us with a week of 3am renditions of “Happy Birthday”. Seriously, middle of the night, all is quiet, and we’re awakened by “Happy birthday dear Qinny! Happy birthday to you! Now bo the handle!”

It didn’t take them long to figure out that Quinn’s new fire truck squirts water.

Beth and Hutch were celebrating an anniversary, and actually Drew and I, too. A lot of celebrations for a quick little trip.

These children of mine have so much love in their worlds. Makes me so grateful.